Train to become a better manager and leader for only $30

Be the best leader you can be.

Climbing the corporate ladder and accepting a higher pay grade means taking on more challenging responsibilities. More often than not, it requires managing other people, something you may not have done before. Assuming a managerial position is not something that should be taken in stride, considering how you’ll also be responsible for calling the shots when it comes to serious decisions. And if you don’t have prior management experience or are lacking innate leadership skills (bossing people around does not equate to leading them, FYI), then you must take it upon yourself to train—as a good manager would.

You can kick things off to a good start with the 2021 Better Manager Bundle, which features 50 hours of content covering everything from coaching and mentoring to building better teams. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for 75 percent off.

A good manager is also a good coach and mentor, which is why this bundle is chock-full of insights and tips about giving both support and challenging opportunities to employees, as well as recognizing your team’s strengths and giving them the feedback they need to succeed. If you’re working with a new team, you’ll discover ways to develop team norms, ground rules and networks, and of course, creating a positive work environment by building and nurturing workplace relationships.

Being an effective leader also means being an excellent communicator. From, which has helped over 19,000 people improve their lives, this set of courses will guide you through acquiring skills in communication, coaching, and conflict that are necessary to become successful. You’ll explore ways you can fulfill the needs of employees and co-workers, and uncover secrets to making conflict a force for well-rounded solutions to problems.

Being a manager sure is tough, but this bundle will make it less intimidating. Grab the 2021 Better Manager Bundle on sale for only $29.99, seventy-five percent off its list price.

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