It’s hard to imagine life without your trusty camera. Whether you’re snapping a selfie, scanning a QR code, video chatting with a friend, or recording a precious moment, cameras are so embedded in our day-to-day that it’s difficult to function without them. But there’s more to cameras than what’s built into your smartphone.

If you want to explore your snapping horizons, take your pick from this sale on special cameras, lenses, drones, and more, all discounted for a special Black Friday Sale for an extra 20 percent off with code BFSAVE20. 

5-in-1 Clip and Snap Smartphone Camera Lenses

Step up your smartphone photography game with this bundle of camera lenses. It includes a macro closeup lens for crisp pictures, fish-eye for distorted shots, telephoto lens for zooming in, and polarizing lens for reducing and eliminating light reflection. Typically $69, you can grab it on sale for $14.38 with code BFSAVE20.

Nix Mini Color Sensor V2

Ideal for creative projects, this color sensor can instantly match any surface to an existing color. It’ll match things like painted walls, vinyl, leather, and more to over 100,000 brand-name paint colors or to sRGB HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors. Formerly $99, it’s on sale for $67.16 with code BFSAVE20.

Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera for Android and iOS (10 Meters)

Conquer every car repair or home improvement project with this inspection camera that provides a quick and easy overview of hard-to-reach areas. It’s also capable of reaching the darkest spots with its HD recording quality and 6 powerful adjustable LED lights. Normally $60, it’s on sale for $31.96 with code BFSAVE20.

Pictar Pro: Pro Charge Smartphone Camera Grip (With Wireless Charging)

A Kickstarter and Indiegogo hit, this camera grip turns your smartphone into a DSLR, delivering full photo control. It gives you an extensive range of external control over photo elements through large metal buttons. It’s usually $199, but you can get it for $119.99 with code BFSAVE20.

KODAK PrintaCase Printer

Create fun personalized smartphone cases with this 4×6 photo printer that lets you have your DIY cases in just 3 minutes or less. Feel free to print all the photos you want right at home and change your case whenever you wish. Originally $130, snag it for just $95.99 with code BFSAVE20.

Pictar Home-Office Kit

Make your daily online meeting better with this kit that includes everything you need for better streaming. It features a click-on wide-angle lens, professional lighting, and a flexible tripod. It usually retails for $139, but you can get it on sale for $71.99 with code BFSAVE20.

SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook

Created to make note taking easy, the SyncPen 2 lets you switch between traditional note taking and electronic editable notes. Thanks to a motion-tracking sensor, it turns everything you write or draw into digital text. Formerly retailing for $199, you can grab it for $119.99 with code BFSAVE20.

FITT360: Hands-Free Neckband Camera

The world’s first neckband type wearable 360° camera, the FITT360 enables you to explore the world differently. It uses 3 FHD cameras to capture everything around you and stitches the footage together via the companion app. Get it on sale for only $391.99 (reg. $599)with the code BFSAVE20.

HD Digital Camera Binoculars

Featuring a clear field of vision, 12x magnification, precise focus adjustment, and a built-in HD digital camera, these binoculars are perfect for hunting, bird watching, hiking, or taking photographs of wildlife and landscapes. It’s usually $199, but you can grab them on sale for $103.96 with code BFSAVE20.

USB 2.0 Web Camera with Microphone

Equipped with a high-resolution display and true color images, this web camera is great for network conferencing or video chatting. It’s also capable of adjusting the image during your call, so you always look your best even in low light conditions. With the code BFSAVE20, you can get it on sale for only $15.96 (MSRP $39).

Wireless HD Endoscope Camera

Perfect for any inspection work, this endoscope camera has adjustable LED lights and a 16.5-feet flexible cable to help you examine even the most hard-to-reach areas. It easily connects to your smartphone via WiFi, allowing you to see the footage in real-time. Enter the code BFSAVE20 at checkout to get it on sale for $39.99 (MSRP $129).

Rexing B1 Basic Night Vision Goggles with Camera

These monoculars are the ideal companion accessory for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, nature observation, or even when you need security surveillance. It’s designed to help you see subjects up to 300 meters away via infrared lighting optical zoom. It’s formerly $129.99, you can snag it on sale for $103.99 with code BFSAVE20.

4K Dual-Camera Pro GPS Drone

This remote-controlled quadcopter drone is outfitted with a mechanical 3-axis gimbal, an HD camera, a 2.46 motor, and video following features for capturing amazing aerial footage. With GPS capability, it easily keeps track of your location for pinpoint accuracy. Usually $69, you can get it for $55.96 with code BFSAVE20.

Black YLR/C S32T HD 4K Single-Camera Drone

A drone ideal for beginners, this single-camera copter is equipped with a 4K HD camera to capture stunning images, remote control for easy navigation, and gesture control for taking photos and videos just by doing hand gestures. It typically retails for $410, but you can snag it on sale for $79.96 with code BFSAVE20.

Newest Gray E68 Drone 2 with 4K/1080P Wide-Angle Camera and WiFi

Explore beautiful landscapes with this drone with a built-in 4K/1080p wide-angle camera. It has an altitude hold mode function that stabilizes its flight and features a 3D flip function that allows it to fly in almost any direction. It originally goes for $320, but you can score it for $63.96 with code BFSAVE20.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses and Headset

Immerse yourself in virtual reality with these VR glasses and headset designed with a wide 102° field of view and adjustable focal length for a more realistic view of content. With an ergonomic design, it relieves the burden of the nasal bridge and eyelid. It’s usually $99, you can get it on sale for $55.98 with code BFSAVE20.

Bioluminescent Bio-Orb

Add an otherworldly piece of decor to your home with this glass sphere. It’s filled with bioluminescent PyroDinos (dinoflagellates) and produces natural light (bioluminescence) at night when gently swirled. Normally $49, it’s on sale for $35.99 with code BFSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.


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