Consider the garage, a storage unit for houses across America. What do they all have in common? A few automobiles, probably a lawn mower and a tangle of cords, a heap of chargers and a stash of batteries to power all the tools that call the space home. The vehicles and mower you’ll want to keep, but it’s finally time to do what you’ve been meaning to for months: organize the clutter. Instead of cramming drills and saws onto already packed shelves, get rid of the mess altogether by investing in the Ryobi ONE+ family of more than 50 cordless tools that can all run on one 18V battery. Ryobi’s ONE+ system reduces the need to buy a charger every time you purchase a new tool, and it ensures that your workbench will remain neat and tidy as you add more Ryobi ONE+ products to your hardware set. It doesn’t matter if you’re using tools as different as the 18V Reciprocating Saw with its Anti-Vibe™ technology and the 18V Right Angle Drill with its GripZone™ overmold—any Ryobi 18V lithium-ion battery syncs with every Ryobi ONE+ product.

Ryobi’s lithium-ion batteries are ideal for active DIYers, like the members of Ryobi Nation who have built everything from a Rubik’s Cube chest of drawers to a grocery lift that hauls sacks of food from the car to an apartment complex balcony via a crane. Imagine having to stop halfway during construction of a grocery lift to recharge a dying battery. The new Ryobi lithium-ion batteries alleviate that concern by delivering fade-free power for those tackling projects that require an extended time commitment. The 18V High Capacity model, for instance, weighs 20% less than the ONE+ NiCD battery, and yet holds its charge four times as long. The 18V High Capacity also has an onboard fuel gauge that indicates battery power status. When the red battery light shows it’s low on juice, simply plug it into the portable 18V Dual Chemistry Charger™. The lightweight machine charges all 18V ONE+ batteries in less than an hour thanks to Ryobi’s patented IntelliPort™ technology, which protects battery cells and maximizes battery life. (It conserves energy so well that it earned an ENERGY STAR® logo.) The diagnostic readout provides charging status and even lets you know if the battery is too hot or cold to charge. The only thing it doesn’t do is organize your garage for you, but with the RYOBI ONE+ collection, you will no longer have to worry about that chore.