Learn the ABCs of ethical hacking with this $25 course bundle

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At this point, ethical hackers are needed by every modern organization, and not just when they experience damaging cybersecurity issues. 2022 proved that with the alarming rise in data breaches, phishing scams, ransomware, website spoofing, and more. All these things served as a wake-up call for companies not to slack on defending their respective networks, leading to the overwhelming demand for ethical hackers.

To the uninitiated, ethical hackers or white hat hackers are professionals hired to, well, hack a company’s computer network, not for the sake of inflicting damage but to discover vulnerabilities and put up defenses. Organizations these days are struggling to hire capable professionals to prevent them from falling victim to cybercrimes, and if you want to explore a career in ethical hacking to fill in the gap, you can get the training you need from the 2023 Complete Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle

With ten expert-led courses and over 130 hours of premium training, this training bundle offers a solid primer on what ethical hacking is, how it works, what tools you need to perform it well, and more. The courses are taught by certified ethical hackers like Saad Sarraj, Joseph Delgadillo, and Oak Academy, so you know you’re in good hands.

Over the course of the training, you’ll get familiarized with concepts like penetration testing, password cracking, vulnerability scanning, networking security testing, and other ethical hacking techniques. You’ll also receive detailed introductions to tools and programs hackers typically use to execute these methods, including Linux, Raspberry Pi, Nmap, Metasploit, and a whole lot more. By the end of the training, you’ll have enough knowledge and baseline skills to get your foot in the door and forge a career in ethical hacking.

Usually retailing for $2000, you can grab this ethical hacking primer on sale for only $24.99.

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