Cloud storage platforms often trade blows over space and cost. But security should also be a top priority when your personal data is at stake. SpiderOak ONE is considered one of the most secure backup solutions available, with end-to-end encryption on all your files. You can currently get one year on the 2TB plan for just $39.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Unlike many providers, SpiderOak maintains no knowledge of user data. They can’t even access your password or the metadata related to your files. In addition, everything you upload to the platform is protected by AES-256 encryption before it ever leaves your device. This gives hackers no opportunity to break into your private cloud.

SpiderOak covers all major mobile and desktop platforms, with easy-to-install apps. You can back up all your devices, while the Point-in-Time Recovery feature lets you restore your machine at any time. This works even if your laptop becomes infected with malware. SpiderOak also offers easy file sharing via the online dashboard, with self-destructing links to ensure privacy.

One year of the 2TB plan is worth $259.99, but you can order now for only $39.99.