19 gift ideas for the space nerd in your life

For your favorite space enthusiast, go above, to infinity, and beyond.

Astronaut Backpack

It doesn’t contain any vital life-support systems, but this bag will harbor your kid’s space helmet (or school supplies) with style. It also has a side pocket for tools, in case they need to repair any space telescopes on the way to class. $25

SLS Playing Cards Lantern Press


NASA is betting big on a rocket called the Space Launch System to carry astronauts to Mars, and with these new playing cards, you can, too. $10.

Solar System Mobile YarnBallStories on Etsy


It’s never too early to get a kid interested in space. This crocheted hanging mobile for the nursery includes the Sun, Moon, and eight planets. $173.

Astronaut Ceiling Light Elk


Why should babies get to have all the fun? This lamp includes a spacecraft and two dangling astronauts, and it is totally OK for an adult to own this. $140.

A working orrery made of Legos JK Brickworks


A tiny Moon circles the Earth, which circles the rotating Sun in this hand-cranked Lego model of our local solar system. The instructions for how to build it are right this way.

Planetary Glass Set ThinkGeek


We may not be able to visit all the planets in the solar system, but at least we can drink to them. This set of 10 glasses represent all of our neighboring planets, plus Pluto and the Sun. $51.

Moon Earrings Body Candy


Put these loony earrings in orbit around your face. Just like the real moon, they glow in the dark. $10.

Soviet Space Prints Inkandsons on Etsy


This set of vintage-looking prints is based on classic designs from old-timey Russian matchbox labels. Prices start at $57 for a smaller print.

Solar System Duvet Cover Houzz


Curl up under the night sky with this solar system duvet cover. The planets aren’t drawn to scale, but it’s still gorgeous. $89 Full.

NASA Travel Posters NASA/JPL-Caltech


For future space tourists, NASA’s series of 14 posters highlight interesting destinations in our solar system and beyond. Even better? They’re totally free to download and print..

Spaceman Penguin Random House


This memoir follows Mike Massimino’s unlikely journey from fire inspector’s son to NASA astronaut. In the early 2000s, Massimino flew on two shuttle missions to fix the Hubble space telescope. His story is funny, touching, and tremendously inspiring. $28.

LEGO Space Shuttle Lego


Relive some of the glory days of space exploration. NASA spent about $450 million to launch each space shuttle, but you can build one for $598.

Astronomical Flask Liquid Courage


This map of the visible heavens fits in your back pocket, along with 6 ounces of your favorite liquid refreshment. $15.

Space Capsule Tea Infuser ThinkGeek


This little astronaut and space capsule are ready to splashdown into a mug of hot water, creating your favorite tea. $15.

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope Celestron


Don’t let the small size fool you. This 18-inch telescope is surprisingly powerful, and at 3 pounds, is travel-friendly, too. $60.

Rocket Playhouse Nod


This 8-foot-tall, 3.5-foot-diameter rocket is perfect for your, uh, kids. The playhouse hangs from the ceiling and includes five lookout windows. $149.

More pictures of the android Courtesy: RR Auction

Auction houses periodically sell off oddities from space history, like this android that was originally designed to help NASA test space suits in the 1960s.

Blue Origin's crew capsule
Blue Origin’s crew capsule seats 6 astronauts. Blue Origin

Blue Origin, the company owned by Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos, claims it will be able to carry tourists to the fringes of space starting in 2018. From 100 kilometers above the Earth, passengers will experience weightlessness and see the curvature of our planet. Estimated $150K-250K per ticket

Constellation Wrapping Paper


To go the extra light-year for your spacey friend or loved one, wrap their gift in style. $4 for two sheets.