New Feature Lets Some Audis Talk With Traffic Lights

The technology can count down to a green light

Stop light
Can you make the light? Audi’s new tech can tell you how much time you’ve got.Flickr user Pete Bellis

Audi has announced that two of its models will now be able to communicate with traffic lights. The new feature can cue drivers when a green light in an upcoming intersection is about to turn, or count down how much time remains before a red light changes.

This will allow drivers to pass through intersections a little more seamlessly, cutting down on the pollution and congestion spawned by waiting at traffic lights.

It’s also a step towards eliminating traffic lights completely. For that to happen though, vehicle-to-infrastructure technology will need to spread to everyone on the road.

For now, Audi will be offering V-to-I in its A4 and Q7 SUVs in five to seven American cities.