This monster solar battery pack can survive every outdoor adventure

The 26,800mAh SolarJuice has three high-speed ports and a built-in flashlight.

Escaping the city always comes with challenges—saving your phone from dying on day one of your camping trip, for instance. The rugged SolarJuice 26,800mAh External Battery should keep you powered through every outdoor adventure. It can charge three devices at high speed, and even harvest power from the sun. You can grab the battery now for $46.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

Even without the sun, this battery can keep all your devices powered for days. The huge capacity can charge your smartphone multiple times over. The SolarJuice works with USB-C and QC 3.0 devices, and you can use all three ports at the same time.

During longer trips, you can top up the SolarJuice on the go. The built-in solar panel captures 200mA per hour in direct sunlight, meaning you should always have emergency power. Thanks to the supplied hook, you can hang the battery on your bag to capture the solar rays. The shockproof design can handle all the elements, including rain and dirt.

The SolarJuice is normally $99.99, but it’s currently just $46.99—order now to save 53 percent off MSRP.