This mini solar system is a dream come true for space nerds

Save $12 on these 3D printed models.

As things stand, only a tiny number of people will ever visit space. For the rest of us, the Solar System Mini Set offers a glimpse of what those lucky astronauts will experience. These tiny 3D-printed spheres are perfect replicas of the planets in our solar system, and they come to life with AR technology. Right now, you can grab the set for $129 at the PopSci Shop.

Like a supernatural being, this set allows you to admire the entire solar system on your desk. At just 3cm across, you can pick up Jupiter like a giant marble and hold Mars up to your eye. No matter how close you get, the planet will look absolutely real—these 3D models are printed at very high resolution, using real space imagery.

In addition, this set is designed to work with the AstroReality app. This uses augmented reality to point out the notable features of each planet, from dusty seas to epic volcanoes.

Each planet comes in a soft presentation box, and the AstroReality app is free to download on iOS and Android.

Worth $141.99, the Solar System Mini Set is now just $129 for a limited time.