Winter wonderlands you loved to frolic in as a kid look a little different now. They look like afternoons spent shoveling, or a day stuck at home. Reclaim a bit of that magic with the best snow clearers on offer.

It isn’t fun, but it can be easier. Plus: amazing cardio. Amazon

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During the holidays my family had an ergonomic shovel showdown. My stepfather and I were given two different shovels—this Snow Joe and another that need not be named—to see which reigned supreme. The Snow Joe (my shovel) won unambiguously. The spring-assist handle made lifting weighty wet stuff easier and put less strain on my back.

For a quick and hot snow removal option. Amazon

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This Houseables torch has an easy-to-use trigger starter and features a 34-inch reach so you can stay at a safe distance away from the flame. There is also a control valve so you can adjust the size of the flame. Propane tanks are sold separately.

Who needs a shovel? Amazon

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If you don’t have someone to come plow your driveway—and shoveling that massive swath is a no-go—an electric snow thrower might be a necessary winter purchase. This Snow Joe Ultra snow thrower has a four-blade steel auger that cuts a path 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep; every minute, its 15-amp motor that can toss up to 720 pounds of snow up to 25 feet away through a 180-degree adjustable chute. It’s also got a built-in light for people that like to work at night.

Because nobody wants to hurt a pet. Amazon

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At least twice this year someone asks if we put salt on our driveway or in our backyard to melt the snow. Our friends bring their dogs over and are worried that the rock salt would hurt their pets’ feet. If your critters love to roam around outside, the Safe Paw non-toxic ice melter pellets contain no salt, so they won’t put any pads in harm’s way.

Because shoveling is better with podcasts. Amazon

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These water-resistant touchscreen gloves have conductive metal fibers in the thumb and index finger that allow you to use your smartphone through the material. The palm has an anti-skid silicone design, making it perfect for gripping a shovel.

See out the front window. Amazon

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This 26-inch-long Hopkins Mallory snow brush has a foam grip and an ice chipper attached to the scraper blade. It’s super durable, too.