Get three of the world’s smallest flashlights for just $25

The Slughaus Bullet 02 flashlights make great stocking stuffers.

You probably don’t carry around a flashlight “just in case”. Most are too bulky to bother with. But at just one inch long, the Slughaus Bullet 02 fits on your keychain. What’s more, this rugged little device can survive flood and fire. You can grab a three-pack now for only $24.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

At this time of year, you probably get home from work after dark. Without a flashlight, you end up fumbling around for your door key and stumbling over cracks in the sidewalk. The Slughaus fixes these problems instantly. This tiny flashlight attaches to your keychain or bag for instant access. It runs on three cell batteries, and you get 20 lumens to play with.

What’s more, this tiny light is unbelievably tough. Made from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, the Bullet 02 can survive being driven over by an SUV and dunked under water for five minutes. It also has a nice spring-locked on/off mechanism, which ensures you don’t waste power.

Worth $45, the three-pack has now dropped from $34.99 to just $24.99.