Desk toys for the nerd in all of us

Save up to 60 percent on these stress-reducing, mind-stimulating devices.

Working in an office can be pretty stressful. Here are six great desk toys that will help your inner nerd find happiness—now with up to 60 percent off at the Popular Science Shop.

Magnetic Space Putty
Magnetic Space Putty Stack Commerce

Magnetic Space Putty is just like the stretchy, bouncy putty you used to play with. The difference is, this stuff warps toward magnets and sticks to fridges. You can grab a pot now for just $9.99.

Nanodots Stack Commerce

Speaking of magnets, Nanodots are tiny ball bearings made from neodymium-iron-boron. They can support 1,000 times their own weight, meaning you can build amazing structures. You can get a set of 216 Nanodots for $34.99, or upgrade to one of three new colors.

Motion Ferrofluid Liquid Desk Sculpture
Motion Ferrofluid Liquid Desk Sculpture Stack Commerce

The Motion Ferrofluid Liquid Desk Sculpture comes alive in the presence of magnets, creating fascinating patterns. This desk ornament is beautiful, interactive, nerdy, and currently just $19.99.

LED Toy Planes
LED Toy Planes Stack Commerce

You can cause mayhem in the office with the LED Toy Planes. You can send them speeding with the supplied slingshot, and they look like giant paper fireflies after dark. You can now get a squadron of three planes for $16.99.

Model PPK Rubber Band Gun
Model PPK Rubber Band Gun Stack Commerce

If that wasn’t childish enough, try the Model PPK Rubber Band Gun. It sends the rubber flying 20 feet—perfect for office-based target practice. You can get one now for $19.99.

Aluminum Fidget Spinner
Aluminum Fidget Spinner Stack Commerce

Last but not least, the Aluminum Fidget Spinner provides classic stress relief. This durable toy will keep spinning for years, and you can pick one up for $12.99.

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