Keep an eye on your home’s security from anywhere in the world

The Sinji Panoramic Wi-Fi Camera lets you see everything you hold dear in HD.

When you leave for work, you know your kids are probably fine and your beloved pet is happy—but separation anxiety says otherwise. The Sinji Panoramic Smart Wi-Fi Camera lets you check up on everything you hold dear, and even look out for intruders. Right now, you can pick one up for $59.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Sinji is extremely versatile and can be mounted on any flat surface or up on the wall. From this vantage point, the wide-angle 165º lens lets you view the entire area of interest at any time. You can even connect multiple cameras together to cover your home, and stream the footage live via the companion mobile app.

The innovative app lets you zoom in to the video and communicate with those at home via two-way audio. This is particularly useful for checking up on kids and elderly relatives, or interacting with anyone working in your home. Gone through the night? The infrared technology allows visibility in darkness. Plus, you can even set up notifications to be sent to your phone when it detects movement.

This extremely useful camera is normally $139.99, but you can grab the Sinji Smart Wi-Fi Camera now for just $59.99—that’s 57 percent off MSRP.