Learn the tricks of social media marketing pros with this $29 bundle

From livestreaming to influencer marketing.

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Social media is one of the most important platforms for digital marketing. Anyone who masters Facebook groups and conquers YouTube live streaming can build a career as a marketing professional. Sound interesting? The Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Skills Bundle can help you get there, with 10 courses and 30 hours of trade secrets. You can grab the bundle now for $29 at the PopSci Shop.

Most brands have a social media presence nowadays. By engaging with followers and working with other big names, these companies are able to drive sales. For this reason, social media experts are always in demand.

This bundle helps you join the party, with courses covering all the fundamentals of social media marketing. Through concise video lessons, you discover how to increase your audience with live streaming and connect with top influencers. In addition, you learn about Facebook Gaming and content creation.

The training also covers some broader digital marketing skills. You learn email marketing with MailChimp, SEO techniques, search marketing with Adwords, and how to create an Airbnb listing. In each case, you pick up proven strategies from industry experts.

Order now for $29 to get the full bundle, worth $1,000.

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