Turn your smartphone into a dedicated camera with ShutterGrip

Save 25 percent on this smart photo accessory.

Most smartphones take amazing pictures nowadays. Unfortunately, these devices are also very thin, making them difficult to hold. ShutterGrip is a simple attachment that adds a large grip and a dedicated shutter button to your smartphone. It’s an essential accessory for anyone who loves mobile photography. Right now, you can get ShutterGrip for just $29.99 at the PopSci Shop.

When taking a photo with your phone, you normally have to hold your phone between your thumb and index finger. You then have to tap the on-screen controls using your other hand. This precarious technique ensures your photos will all come out blurry.

ShutterGrip helps you avoid the shakes by giving you a better grip. It makes your phone feel like a mini DSLR, complete with physical shutter button. The built-in wrist strap helps you avoid costly slips, while the tripod screw means you can take long exposures and timelapses.

The grip works perfectly on most smartphones, including Apple, Samsung and Google devices. It weighs just 45 grams, and there are three stylish color schemes to choose from.

Order now for $29.99 to get your ShutterGrip and save 25 percent on the standard price.