Best fidget toys to relieve anxiety and boredom and increase focus

Keep your hands busy, and your mind will follow.

Fidget toys are as varied as your imagination, ranging from large, colourful toys that make noises when touched to discreet and silent keychains that won’t look out of place in the hand of an adult. From stress balls to putty, these toys can help children self-regulate and enhance dexterity and focus. These fidget toys can also help relieve stress in adults as well. But buying something sensory online can be tricky. So here’s what you should consider before purchasing these fun tools.

  • Multiples: Knowing that their users can get bored with single fidget toys, many manufacturers sell their sensory items in sets. Getting multiple also means you’ll never have to be without one—plop one on your desk, one in your purse, and one by your bed. If you want to try a few or think you’d like to switch between them, consider buying a set.
  • Sound or silence: Many fidget toys make noises as part of their design, such as a satisfying popping sound when buttons are pushed in. If you want to use your item in the classroom or at work, however, go for something silent and more discreet.
  • Size matters: Some fidget toys are large and best used in the home, while others are small enough to fit on a keychain or in your pocket. When in doubt, go smaller, as they’re still effective and you won’t need to worry about not being able to bring them out of the house.

Our picks for the best fidget toys on Amazon

Top pick overall: Kmart UK-STOCK Fidget Toys Set

Several Collections Available

These colourful gadgets come as a 30-piece assortment. Safe for children three years and up. Kmart

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Runner up: Highline Cube


With multiple modes of engagement, this little gadget allows you to click, spin, roll, glide, and more. Highline Fidget Cube Fidget Toy for ADD, Stress Relief Fidget Sensory Gadget for Adults and Children

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Budget pick: PLASTIFIC Pop and Bubbles

Cheap and Cheerful

This BPA-free silicone material is safe for children. It’s small enough to easily transport, and it is washable for long-term use. PLASTIFIC

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Best for travel: ZhengYue Squeeze Beans Keychain

Tiny and Mobile

Small enough to attach to your wallet or bag, this cute little companion can go with you anywhere. It’s also made of eco-friendly material. ZhengYue

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