A countertop ice maker could revolutionize your relationship with home beverages. Imagine sipping iced tea all summer long or hosting a cocktail party without having to buy bags of blocky ice. These machines can also help you turn out frozen treats for the kids and stay cool on humid runs by supplying lots of ice for your water bottle. Countertop ice makers come with features that make it easy to crank out cubes in a variety of shapes and sizes with minimal cleanup. So leave those pesky plastic trays behind. Here’s what to consider when shopping for a great countertop ice maker.

  • Space. If you’ve got a family that goes through a lot of ice and have plenty of space, there are plenty of countertop ice makers that will keep your beverages cool. But if you only entertain occasionally and are reluctant to lose counter space to a new appliance, consider a high-quality portable ice maker that you can easily stow away when you’re not using it.
  • Shape. A good ice maker will give you plenty of options to customize your cubes, from shaved ice for frozen desserts to substantial cubes for serious cocktails. Great ice should be smooth and go easy on your hands or lips. Look for a machine that produces bullet or nugget shapes and gives you size options.
  • Technology. As with most appliances, you can now purchase an ice maker with smart options. Take convenience to the next level and control the ice-making from an app on your phone via Bluetooth.

Our Picks for the Best Countertop Ice Makers on Amazon

Top Pick: Igloo Portable



Best for Entertaining: NewAir Portable



Great for Technophiles: GE Profile Opal | Nugget Ice Maker

Budget Pick: AGLUCKY Ice Maker



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