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Electric shavers

Braun Amazon

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Today, save 20 percent on two Braun electric shavers. The waterproof Series 5 works for wet or dry skin. It’s rechargeable and boasts a flexible, eight-direction head and a smart sensor that adapts to your beard’s density. It holds a 50-minute charge. $124.

The Series 9 has a ten direction flexible head and is waterproof up to five meters. It comes with a dual cleaning and charging station. $248.

Shiatsu foot massager

Belmint Amazon

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Save 53 percent on a heated Belmint Shiatsu foot massager. Inside the foot holes are kneading massage heads and air compressors with five pressure settings. Within the machine, a heating system keeps your feet at a consistent temperature. $95.

Lighting chargers

Anker Amazon

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I’ve been away from the city for a week and I’ve already broken two AmazonBasics charging cables for my phone. Sure, they’re cheap, but I’d rather go with a company I trust to deliver the quality I need. If you use the code ANKER532, Anker lightning cable two-cord bundles like these 3.3-foot cords are 25 percent off.

Portable projector

Nebula Amazon

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Anker’s Nebula Mars II portable projector is on sale for 20 percent off with the code NEBULA10 at checkout. The 300 ANSI lumen device—now $400—has two 10-watt speakers and an autofocus that will readjust the picture from any distance. It provides an HD picture up to 150 feet. Connect your smartphone, USB-connected device, or anything with an HDMI cable to enjoy up to four hours of playtime.

Halloween candy

Take advantage of this primo Kit Kat deal. Amazon

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Don’t disappoint the cute kiddos that ring your doorbell this Halloween. Prepare early, do your research, and get enough of the good stuff for you to nosh on during the weeks leading up to the holiday. Today on Amazon, save up to 25 percent on Halloween candies and chocolates.

Emoji masks

GlowCity Amazon

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GlowCity—makers of the light-up football featured in my Five Rad and Random football items list—have glow-in-the-dark Emoji masks on sale for 20 percent off. There are 15 battery-powered options to choose from, including my favorites: the nerd, the zombie, and the grumpy face. $40.

Sports coffee mugs

MAX’IS Creations Amazon

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It’s fall, the season to be sporty and drink a whole lot of hot beverages. These sports-themed porcelain mugs have nets or gloves sticking out the back so you can play a morning game of shoot-the-sugar-cube. There are four dishwasher-safe options available, all of which are on sale for 25 percent off. Choose between baseball, hockey, soccer, and football. $19.


Costa Farms Amazon

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I’m want to fill my apartment with plants. Though, truthfully, my green thumb needs a bit of training. Instead of jumping straight into larger potted plants or delicate flowers, I’m going for the safer, smaller succulents. I am way less likely to kill these, probably. Today only, you can save up to 20 percent on succulents, aloe vera plants, air plants, and many more.

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