Pokémon Go isn’t going anywhere soon, and as the trend keeps growing, so does the volume of people trying to find ways to profit from it. The latest news is just a lot more people have caught on, and the Pokéservice industry is growing rapidly.

We’ve already started to see evidence of people trying to make money off of the demand and craze, and I’ve been pretty prolific already in covering all these stories about Pokémon Go invading our lives.

But here’s a pretty telling moment in the rise of the game: a screenshot from Craigslist showing dozens of listings for Pokéguides:

We haven’t quite gotten to the part where people start giving reviews for drivers and Pokéhunting services, but someone already got to the whole “here’s my experience” essay idea.

Maybe I’ll quit my job for a week and go work as a Pokéuber service.

Is there a Pokébubble that might be popping soon? Unlikely. There’s still enormous profit potential to be harnessed. Between the number of users already in the game’s clutches, and all the potential partnerships and new game features that users are already demanding, Nintendo’s going to have this economy of fun-support for a while.