See Pictures And Video Of SpaceX’s Nighttime Launch And Landing

A song of fire and darkness

It’s becoming almost routine. SpaceX launches a rocket, then catches the first stage on a droneship, sticking the landing with the precision of Simone Biles.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, SpaceX launched a video and data transmission satellite into geostationary orbit. The satellite was launched as a backup satellite for the SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, which runs a satellite TV service in Japan, among other satellite communications.

The successful landing of the first stage rocket was a win for SpaceX, which had a successful launch and landing in July, but a successful launch and failed landing in June. The company hopes to start reusing rockets in September or October of this year.

Watch the whole 50-minute webcast of Sunday’s launch and landing above, or scroll through some of the highlights in pictures below.

SpaceX Launch

The SpaceX rocket takes off from Cape Canaveral.

SpaceX Launch

The rocket was carrying a communications satellite into orbit.

Stuck The Landing

The first stage rocket safe on the landing pad.

Launch Path

The brilliant arc of a rocket launch.