See The Fiery Awesomeness Of A Rocket Launch Filmed In 4K Video

3, 2, 1, Action!
Orbital's fourth resupply mission blasts off for the International Space Station NASA

Space has never looked so good. Just one day after private spaceflight company Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft docked with the ISS, NASA released the amazing video above, showing the spacecraft’s preparation and launch.

The launch, which happened on December 7, was Orbital’s first successful launch since one of their rocket’s exploded.

The footage was released as part of NASA’s new initiative by NASA to film more of their endeavors in 4K, a much higher resolution than typical HD videos. The results so far have been predictably awesome, including a new view of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

Some key moments in the above video: the rocket being moved to the launchpad at the 5:20 minute mark, and the actual countdown that starts at 6:49.

For comparison purposes, check out this blast from the past, footage from the launch of Apollo 4 in 1967.