It’s easy to get lax about storing physical objects when so much of our assets are digital. Don’t.

Shielding your treasures from theft or harm doesn’t have to be expensive, bulky, or involve lasers (unless you want them). Below, find some secure vessels for family heirlooms or documents you can’t afford to lose.

Protection made of steel. Amazon

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It’s important to note that it is possible for fireproof and waterproof safes to be damaged by fire or water under extreme conditions—that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one.

The interior space of this safe is about the size of a small toaster and is ideal for folded documents, cash, jewelry, and hard drives. The electronic lock is battery-operated, and security codes can be programmed up to 8 digits. Mount it to the floor or wall, and use the backup keys to operate the partially hidden manual lock in case your batteries die.

Only Nancy Drew might have a clue. Amazon

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Mystery readers will love the classic deception in this combination lock safe disguised as “The New English Dictionary.” This bland but believable title is unlikely to be pulled off the shelf since people can just look up words online, as long as it isn’t the only book in your apartment or in an odd place like the laundry room. Clever criminal minds could be up-to-date on titles for this ruse, but for protecting valuables from the average visitor to your home, go for it. Keep in mind that this safe is not fire-resistant.

Now clean your desk. Amazon

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Passports, legal papers, birth certificates, and medical records shouldn’t just be tossed in a kitchen drawer. Instead, put them in this large and durable bag, which expands up to seven inches wide and has a handy carrying strap in the event you need to evacuate your home. Made from triple layered silicone, it can withstand up to 30 minutes at 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also water-resistant and can be folded and locked up in a safe.

Vacations are for relaxing, right? Amazon

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Lock up your sunglasses, credit cards, medicine, and watches while you’re on the go. This water-resistant mini-safe can be opened either with a combination lock or with the included keys. Featuring a lockable steel cable, you can attach it to a fence outdoors or to a chair in your hotel room. We’re not sure exactly why someone would want to listen to music on their phone while it’s locked inside the case (a digital detox, maybe?) but lo and behold you can—a hole in the top accommodates the cord from your headphones or a small charging cable.