Nike is doing it again. In an event dubbed “The Human Race,” the king of sports marketing is planning a one-day, 10k race for 1 million people (preferably all clad in Nike) in 25 cities across the world. The races will wind across the globe—the first is in Taipei and the last, L.A.—and each is topped off by a concert at the end. So on August 31, 2008 the world (or at least participants in the same time zones) will be running together

But, you might argue, 25 cities hardly encompass the entire human race. How could such a global brand ignore so many? Never fear, thanks to the magic of Nike+ technology, runners not living in the pre-selected spots can join in. The wireless sensor inserted in your shoe synchs up seamlessly with your iPod or wristband to track your run for a future upload to the race website. Don’t have the Nike+ technology yet? Gotcha.