Another Round, Jeeves

Ditch the cart and get a robot to do your on-green bidding

Mush, Robot!

Shadow Caddy

With each 18 holes purchased, man has a decision to make. It's a reflection of one's beliefs on purity versus convenience. It's an expression of one's willingness to endure for the sense of accomplishment. It's an opportunity to scoff at pragmatism in favor of tradition. And it comes down to a single question: Cart or no cart?

The Shadow Caddy is a three-wheeled robotic cart that serves as your own personal caddy—minus the shabby advice. Think of it as the compromise; some way to fulfill your need to walk all 480 feet of that par five without the dead weight from your left shoulder that's clearly adding a slice to your nine iron.

A wireless transmitter connected at your waist ensures the cart remains just feet behind you. Click on the "park" button and your shadow stays off the greens and out of sand pits. Collision sensors make it avoid shrubs, tress and other golfers. And a reverse button helps get it out of any unexpected jams. Previous attempts at such technology required remote controls adding complexity that made it appealing to gadget gurus but impractical for weekend warriors. The company is pursuing other application for the technology in the transportation, defense, postal and agriculture markets.

Sadly, for those golfing in American the eternal decision will remain. The Shadow Caddy is only available for rent at specific courses in Australia and currently unavailable for retail purchase. So for those strong enough, walk on. And for those too weak, blame it on your playing partner.

Via GizMag