Gallery: London's Firefighting Robots

At the Recent Unveiling...

A quartet of robots are the newest members of the London firefighting force. Their job? To extinguish fires involving cylinders of the industrial gas acetylene. Here, two of the bots (Talon and Black Max) demonstrate their firefighting prowess at the recent unveiling. The cylinders are inside the van.Qinetiq


Qingdao Ruifeng Gas


Now let's meet the crew. The first to arrive at the scene is Talon, an Iraq veteran who can climb stairs and crawl into little nooks.Qinetiq

All in a Day's Work

Here's Talon back in his Iraq days.Qinetiq

A Flock of Bison

Next comes Bison (pictured here with some friends; the five bots in the back row are Bisons), who uses his cutting tools to gain access to the cylinder. He also shoots jets of water.ISSEE

Black Max

Black Max is in charge of the fire hose.Qinetiq


Last but not least, there's Brokk, whose giant claw enables him to pick up the cylinders and transport them away from the scene.Kraft Telerobotics