The Faces of Singularity: Are You Ready For The Human-Robot Merge?

We asked an assortment of the Singularity Summit's brilliant minds how they're looking forward to a life merged with artificial intelligence
David Orban/Flickr

The Singularity Summit drew a wide range of people from around the globe. There were technology companies hoping to spread brand recognition, quasi-spiritual sojourners looking for a new clue to the secret of immortality, and serious academics interested in cutting edge in artificial intelligence.

We asked them if they’re looking forward to the Singularity’s hypothesized robot takeover.

In addition to highlighting some of the people I met at the conference, I would also hope that you readers will take this opportunity yourselves to answer the questions I posed to the conference goers.

In the comment section, please feel free to share what excites you about the Singularity, what worries you about the coming man/machine merger, or any other opinions you might have about the ideas discussed in this, and previous, articles. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

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