Good news for the elderly, clowns, obese tourists, and the very, very lazy: Honda has released a new, motorized unicycle that functions the same way as a Segway. The super light U3-X personal mobility system is perfect for those who are too lazy for the standing that a Segway requires.

Able to cruise at a scorching 3.7 miles per hour, the U3-X also only weighs 22 pounds, so it can be carried if a user wants to experience life like our caveman ancestors, and, you know, walk. Fully charged, the device can operate for around an hour, and uses some of the technology from Honda’s robot Asimo for balance (much like the Walking Assist and Stride Management Assist robo-legs we tried earlier this year).

Honda said that they designed the device for the elderly. But why would old Japanese people ride a unicycle when they could be carried around by a robot bear?

Honda hopes that the U3-X can compete with Toyota’s Winglet, a mini-Segway like device introduced last year. Personally, I think if they really want to shine, they should add a pop-up holographic screen.

[via The Daily Mail]