Fret no longer, citizens of Japan, about Google’s camera vans exposing the awkward moments of your private lives to millions via Street View. Because here, see? All that’s behind its scary secrets is an impossibly adorable anthropomorphic camera truck in a wonderland of children’s toys. Dawww, its bobbing camera head just snapped a photo of your car! It’s so cute!

Google launched the video to alleviate privacy concerns in Japan over the watchful eye of Google Street View invading local neighborhoods. The clip includes Mr. Camera Head responding swiftly to privacy complaints by blurring mailbox addresses and even faces upon request.

There’s no denying that Google Street View has benefited Google Map users worldwide, and we here at PopSci are fans of their other products as well. But this latest marketing scheme for Japan comes off as equal parts cheery and chilly, for some reason. Cultural chasm, perhaps?

[via DVICE]