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We’ve been closely following EEStor’s potentially game-changing ultracapacitor–a technology that could allow for electric cars that charge almost instantaneously and drive hundreds of miles on a single charge.

And if a purportedly “leaked” phone conversation from EEStor CEO Richard Weir currently making the rounds is legit, the long-in-development ultracapacitor has hit a breakthrough, and could be unveiled within months.

If all of its perceived potential is delivered, the ultracapacitor could revolutionize everything from electric cars to renewable energy storage, providing a long-awaited evolutionary step beyond current rechargeable battery tech.

EEStor’s ultracapacitor works more or less exactly like the capacitors found in electronics today, briefly holding and releasing small charges, only on a much larger scale; it would be able rapidly take on enough juice to power a car for 250-300 miles within a matter of minutes, EEStor claims. It could also be used to store renewable energy generated by solar and wind plants more efficiently.

Though the source of the leak is unconfirmed, rumors are swirling that EEStor is working with the likes of Lockheed Martin, making the project seemingly more legit. But considering the company’s secretive nature and unspectacular previous public tests, this “leak” could be nothing more than an ingenious marketing stunt.

But if it’s true, and EEStor’s ultracapacitor is almost ready for prime time, we may be closer than ever to a big breakthrough in electric vehicles ready for public consumption.

[Transcript of the call on, via The Independent]