Another League Under the Sea

A new generation of manned submersibles will soon open up 98 percent of the world’s oceans to human eyes by diving more than 20,000 feet into the ocean. Fresh energy sources, new species—who knows what we’ll find in Earth’s last unexplored frontier? By Abe Streep

The Future of Farming: Solutions for a Hungry World

To feed a ballooning population despite shrinking farmland, every acre will have to count. Here’s the tech that will turbocharge harvests, including desert cultivation tricks, bacteria that fertilize crops, and fruit-picking robots. By Hillary Rosner

Welcome to Disaster City

What the largest search-and-rescue training facility is teaching us about surviving catastrophe. By Lisa Taddeo

The Green Dream: A Solar-Powered Boiler

Learn from PopSci’s staff photographer as he constructs an eco-friendly and affordable home. This month: solar-powered hot water. By John B. Carnett

Overhyped Health Headlines Revealed

Does red wine make you live longer? Does bacon cause cancer? We uncover what scientific studies really mean for your health. By Jason Daley


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