Lost: Sunspots.
This year, astronomers expect the fewest sunspots—magnetic storms on the sun’s surface—in a century. Fewer spots indicates a cooler sun, which could cool the planet by a fraction of a degree.

Found: The edge of outer space.
Using a rocket-mounted ion detector, scientists recently pinpointed the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space—it’s 73.3 miles up.

Lost: Muscle.
For the first time, scientists quantified astronauts’ muscle loss during six-month space stints: a 15 percent drop.

Found: Good fat.
A new study reveals that “brown fat” burns sugar. Docs hope to boost these cells’ activity to fight obesity.

Lost: Cloned ibex.
Last winter, Spanish scientists cloned the first extinct species using the frozen skin cells of a Pyrenean ibex. Sadly, the baby goat died seven minutes after birth.

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Found: Cloned camel.
This spring, scientists in Dubai grew the world’s first cloned camel. The project aims to preserve elite racing- and milk-camel breeds.