July 2009 Issue: The Future of Energy

Extraordinary solutions for a clean-energy century

July 2009

The Future of Energy. See it in interactive 3-D augmented reality here!


From here to 2050: The Reality-Check Energy Guide; Which technologies will finally free us from oil?

Last October, Iceland's economy tanked. Its bailout? A two-mile geothermal well drilled into a volcano that could generate an endless supply of clean energy. Or, as Icelanders will calmly explain, it could all blow up in their faces

Can physics Nobel winner Steven Chu, head of the Department of Energy, inspire an energy revolution?

John B. Carnett, PopSci's staff photographer, is using the latest green technology to build his dream home. Follow his progress in his new recurring column, debuting this month

A robot nurse, a virtual patient, a mind-reading helmet and more

An autonomous spycraft designed to fly practically forever, powered by nothing but sunshine


A Nylon Sheath For Your House, to Quench Fires: A new system could stop raging flames from burning down your home

Eye, Robot: A filmmaker documents his life using a homemade video camera implanted in his prosthetic eye

Sunspots Missing, Camel Found: A roundup of science and tech's lost and founds this month

What's New

Volvo's Anti-Fender-Bender Tech Hits the Brakes For You: PopSci tests new tech that doesn't let you crash

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