Marshall Astor (CC licensed)

A strange new study found that people who rated high in self-control made good choices among an array of relatively healthy foods — until a much healthier option was thrown into the mix, at which point self-control seemed to go out the window.

Also in today’s links: the most delightful creature in the world, the worldwide spread of technology, and more.

  • A spider that has a pattern on its back that looks like a great, happy, grinning doofus may have evolved the distinctive markings to confuse predators. I prefer to think it just did so to entertain us.
  • Executives from Twitter, WordPress and other telecom and other media-related companies traveled to Iraq to see what kind of services will best fit into the country’s wireless infrastructure and usage patterns.
  • Maybe all those guys are onto something. One theory holds that mandated mobiles for everyone — in the whole entire world — could address problems from medical care to education, not to mention help pull the world out of its economic doldrums.
  • An expert offers such words of wisdom as how to know your penguin poop and where the penguins will all go when the ice melts.