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A woman’s desire to advertise her vegan lifestyle on her car license plate was shot down by the Colorado DMV, who read a much less appropriate meaning into the letters.

Also in today’s links: communication between dolphins, understanding music between cultures, and more.

  • When I was little, one of my uncles used to tell me that dolphins were actually aliens from outer space, who had a complete language and culture under the sea. His theory was based on their intelligence and communication skills. My uncle would probably like the acoustics engineer who says he can now decode dolphins’ noises, although a lot of other people don’t.
  • Is hemp a gateway substance that can lead us toward energy independence? That’s the thought behind a pitch for building homes from the versatile plant.
  • There is more than one way to resist a marshmallow, but whether or not people give in to the squishy goodness right away can teach us about willpower. (Incidentally, we think any researcher who devises an experiment that involves putting lots of children alone in a room with marshmallows has to be a bit of a sadist.)
  • Researchers found that, even in a culture with music that sounds vastly different from the western norm, the emotion conveyed by western music was still understood in the same ways. This wasn’t one of the categories described in the study, but presumably, “grating” can be said in many different languages to describe Celine Dion.