The movie Blue Velvet was creepy and sexy and intriguing and uncomfortable, but it ain’t got nothing on Isabella Rossellini’s roles as various sorts of horny insects and other small creatures. In the bizarre Green Porno series, she explains their reproductive habits, complete with lurid close-ups, costumes, moans and first-person narratives. Here she is as a bee, snail, earthworm, spider and dragonfly.

Fans of the series will be overjoyed to hear that Green Porno 2 is on its way. According to Ms. Rossellini, upcoming episodes deal with sea creatures, so hopefully we’ll get some more on the joys of squid sex. And think how pretty she’d be as a one of the newly found rainbow jellyfish! I have no idea how jellyfish reproduce, so I’d watch that episode. “The animals that live in the ocean are so different than us. In their sexual behavior, marine creatures are even more scandalous than bugs,” she says.

Also in today’s links: more animal sex, chimps seeking honey, and a science minister who tried to dodge the evolution question.

  • And still speaking of sex and the animal kingdom, volunteers in Philly are trying to clear safe passage for toads who must cross streets as part of an annual mating ritual.
  • After refusing to state whether he believes in evolution in an earlier interview, Canada’s science minister — a chiropractor — has clarified that he does, but still finds the question inappropriate.
  • Chimpanzees like honey as much as Winnie the Pooh — so much that they arm themselves with large clubs to get at the beehives.