Steve Mann (GNU Licensed)

George Michael isn’t the only one who can bring together toilets and sex appeal. Some countries are using flashy ads and celebrities to promote sanitation and raise awareness of diseases.

Also in today’s links: oily hair, oil use by the military in Iraq, and more.

  • Right here in the U.S., some people are hoping that a waterless urinal might solve the world’s water woes. Yeah, it sounds really gross, but it’s actually a pretty interesting design. Also gross but interesting is the diversion of the urine caught for fertilizer.
  • Researchers think they can bring the Internet to remote, rural areas more reliably and cheaply than with satellites or other methods by coupling a laser with an optical signal sent over a fiber.
  • The U.S. military wants to crack down on fuel consumption, and not just for the good of the earth or fiscal savings. Military fuel convoys in Iraq draw insurgent attacks, endangering soldiers.
  • Apparently, my hair is stuck in a vicious circle: washing it just makes it greasier by removing the naturally produced sebum oil, prompting my head to produce yet more oil. I’d be better served, according to a dermatologist and others, by washing it no more than twice a week. Interesting theory, but fat chance.
  • I would like nothing so much as to be there live to see the underwater volcano in Tonga exploding. The still images look just like those metal shavings in the toy where you’d move around with a little magnet pen to add hair and a beard to that guy’s face.