Texting slang is, according to one report, more an art than a crutch for the semi-literate. The study found more of a correlation between reading ability and “sound-based textisms,” such as “wiv” for “with,” than with acronyms like “lol.” (No word on who pronounces “with” so that it sounds like “wiv,” though.)

Also in today’s links: robot psychotherapy; nerds on The Daily Show, and more.

  • A 1960s computer “psychotherapist” — built as a spoof — has been updated as a theater project. The original program took the users’ comments and volleyed them back as questions — I’m thinking its next incarnation ought to be as an iphone ap for self-therapizing oneself on the subway ride home from work.
  • So, it’s not just doctors who fear science, it’s also … liberals?
  • You know who probably wouldn’t agree with that theory? Jon Stewart, who hosted Harold Varmus, head of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, on The Daily Show, to talk about science’s return from eight years in the industry. They did not touch on how darn cute Varmus is, but they probably ought to have.
  • As fishers follow the “keep the big ones, throw the others back in” rule, some fish populations have evolved toward a smaller average individual size. But a researcher has found over the course of a multi-year experiment that keeping fish at random can reverse the shrinkage trend.