Field and Stream has posted its picks, complete with video, of the five dumbest guns ever seen in TV and movies.

Also in today’s links: a clever octopus, a live pink dolphin, and mold versus art.

  • A little octopus decided it was going to have some fun one day, and flooded the aquarium it called home.
  • “Comparative-effectiveness research” is reportedly provoking horror on the part of politicians and physicians — who would rather use ineffective but comfortable methods of treatment. With a name like “Why Doctors Hate Science,” you know this is a provocative one.
  • And now for something completely cute: a pink dolphin. (Now, I know I like to poke fun at the Telegraph’s reporting, but seriously, the ratio of quotes to non-quote lines in this article is 11:4. It’s pretty hard to make a story about a pink dolphin be unreadable, but they tried their darnedest.)
  • Black mold has not encroached further on the famous Lascaux cave drawings, nor has it gone away. “The cave is sick and is currently resting,” said the head of the cave’s scientific committee.

Octopus Opening a Jar