How to Eat Fried Jellyfish

With much of the world’s fish population in a precarious state, here are some recipes to prepare for a future eating other kinds of sea creatures: jellyfish tempura and Greek-style squid.

Also in today’s links: big babies, bionic eyes, and more.

  • Blue whales are about 25 feet long at birth, the biggest babies ever to live on earth. They gain about 200 pounds and one inch a day nursing on milk about 40 percent fat. They’ve been captured on film for the first time (you know this is special by the “awe” music playing in the video).
  • A man who has been blind for 30 years now can see flashes of light thanks to a “bionic eye,” a video processor mounted on glasses that sends a signal to a receiver on the outside of the eye. Most intriguing is how experimental this is — “The hope is that patients will learn to interpret the visual patterns produced into meaningful images.”
  • Ozone pollution, which more commonly reaches dangerous levels in the heat of summer, is being detected in the West this winter, signaling the industrialization of the region and raising issues of how to monitor and combat the problem.
  • Prompted by the octo-mom and her babies, a Georgia politician is ready to weigh in on regulation of assisted reproductive technology. Unless that’s not really what he’s getting at…
  • In case you missed it, here’s absolute proof that iPhones may take over the world: Bill Gates fears them enough to ban them from his house.