Hell on earth in America can be found in North Carolina, where soldiers go through a process called “stress inoculation,” and one researcher found what makes the Special Forces so special.

Also in today’s links: bugs in love, and more.

  • From the thoughtful tarantula to the perceptive giant silk moth, some little critters sound like sweet mates. (Plus, one species is into bondage, if you like that sort of thing.)
  • I’ve included links to stories about dumping of electronic waste on developing nations before, but I like that this investigation inserted a tracking device in a television and followed its path from England to Nigeria.
  • What I haven’t linked to as often is stories from Latin America. They’re relatively few and far between in the mainstream press, it seems. But a study on climate change identifies the major threats to the region, from disappearing glaciers to destruction of coral reefs.
  • Convergent evolution? Lots of commuting? At least 235 species — including gorgeous little swimming snails — inhabit both the north and south poles, according to a new survey.