Also in today’s links: the advantages to being a psychopath, the side benefits of being hungry, and more.

  • I’m expecting an angry outcry to Britain’s National Health Service’s plan to overhaul to how it does business, with the goal of cutting carbon emissions. Currently the NHS generates 3 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in England. The provocative part? A plan to remove meat options from hospital menus.
  • Here’s a creepy idea: prison officials and parole boards might be just as easily manipulated by a psychopath as the victims of whatever crime landed this person in jail. That’s the conclusion from a study of the records of Canadian prison inmates. One question though: how many psychopaths could there have been in a group of 310 prisoners?
  • A Japanese scientist says he should soon be able to grow nicotine-free tobacco, to make nicotine-free cigarettes. But … isn’t nicotine the whole point of cigarettes? I can see these helping some people trying to quit or, say, being convenient for people who have to smoke while acting, but otherwise, I don’t really see much of a market.
  • I don’t know quite how this works, because if I don’t eat I get loopy and grumpy, but a study found that cutting calories aided people’s memory.