Makro Freak

Also in today’s links: crocodile deaths, sugar highs, and the pleasures of video games.

  • Myrtle, Buttercup and Ethel are some of the virtual cows created by New Zealand scientists from tubes, pumps and other equipment to replicate the bovine digestive process and monitor methane emissions. And apparently, the technical name for the poo jars is “the poo jars.”
  • You didn’t think all the Intelligent Design hoopla was over, did you? In Louisiana, teaching creationism just got easier.
  • As if crocodiles — with their ancient, powerful bodies and long lines of teeth — weren’t already like something out of a comic book or a cartoon, they even suffer deaths that would appeal to Judge Doom. Scientists are searching for what triggered about 170 crocodiles to come down with a painful condition in which there body fat turns hard and rubbery.
  • You know that candy you just ate? It’s going to continue to throw your metabolic responses out of whack for two weeks, according to a recent study.
  • A new study indicates gamers appreciate the sense of control and competence they get from playing video games, not the blood and guts and violence. Although there’ll probably have to be a lot of chicken-and-egg discussions about video games and violence before this affects how parents, game developers and lawmakers see things.