Also in today’s links, the other uses of bat wings, and the other reason you should be out in the fresh air instead of online.

  • In case the financial crisis hadn’t done enough to indicate that Wall Streeters are not necessarily soberly weighing all facts to produce the best results for all, a new paper offers another explanation for irrational missteps: the most successful traders might be working in a state of testosterone-driven euphoria.
  • Ants who illegitimately produce offspring get branded with a scarlet P, for parthenogenesis, via pheromones that betray their behavior to other ants, who then attack the one who broke society’s rules.
  • So often science focuses on “what things are for.” A recent study of bat behavior focuses on “what else” wings are for — besides flying.
  • There is a wonderful sci-fi movie in here somewhere: a columnist reads a new Nature paper on love, and ponders the possibility of a love potion, or a love vaccine.
  • A researcher says he’s putting a number on the CO2 produced by such acts as running a Google search. Other people think he might be making these statements because he’s got something to sell. What do you think — will you be limiting your searches and other Internet use?