Also in today’s links: cheetahs work it and astronauts work out.

  • Whenever I link to stories about the oldest this creature found alive or the oldest that creature in the wild, there’s usually at least the implication of a happy ending. This one is no exception. A 140-year-old lobster finds his fate in a sea that’s not made up of melted butter on a plate.
  • Male cheetahs are probably also very smart. They can make a specific barking noise that triggers females to ovulate. I can’t decide if this ability in humans would lead to mayhem (I’m thinking practical jokes) or simply reproductive efficiency.
  • Not only did a group of explorers set a record time crossing the Antarctic, they got to take in all that natural beauty (or what they could see of it) while on a steady diet of bacon and butter. Good thing they didn’t run into George the lobster!
  • There must be people who actually go out and join gyms in January to work off their holiday binge, or else I wouldn’t have to watch all these fitness center ads on TV right around now. If you’re a reluctant gym-goer, just be grateful your experience isn’t as frustrating as working out in space seems to be.