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Brace yourself. Features Editor Nicole Dyer has hit her SciKu stride– check out her latest piece of work and read amazing SciKu from our talented users (you might wanna sit down for this)

Everyone at is loving the SciKu you’ve left as comments; read on a roundup of our user contributions. Who would have guessed the science and tech scene could turn out such great poetry? Keep ’em coming, people.

Nicole Dyer writes:

Beware diet aides!
Prescription drugs taint many
Which ones? Find out here users write sciku, too!

robeaux writes:

new iPod review
not enough words to describe
it all ends in tears

LagrothBur27 writes:

haiku’s are easy
but sometimes they don’t make sense

imongi writes:

computer freezes
my mind electrifies me
happiness is gone


control alt delete
I’m rebooting the system
this is not funny

wakeskater_X writes:

neuron neuron go
dendrites transfer dopamine
thus your brain can know


natsu no hana
utsukushiku saku
ame ga fuku

Not a literal translation, but close enough still in haiku form:

flower of summer,
blooms ever so beautiful
the rain falls softly

futurelad writes:

will it still be me after?
or somebody else?

Portillo writes:

In three billion years
Andromeda, Milky Way
A great collision

jimilennium writes:

I cannot write some
So I sit here and read some
SciKu, I love you.

tobbot writes:

Science is my life
I still need to learn so much
I’ll just keep reading

FahimK writes:

Why study so hard,
When its all here,
so i just sit and ponder