Also, laying off makeup, slurping up bottled water, and more, in today’s link roundup.

  • If you’re pregnant, some people in Europe believe that you should avoid certain cosmetics. (Although even if you’re not pregnant, the finding that British women absorb five pounds of makeup a year through their skin and mouths might be enough to make you want to stop.)
  • Time to get out the bow and arrow: Eating the original free-range meat could be harmful, as lead in bullets used to slay deer can contaminate the meat.
  • Urine, though, could be good for us. The astronauts’ pee-recycling technology could make sense on Earth since, when you think about it, urine isn’t that much nastier than the other upstream entities that eventually become our drinking water.
  • In Switzerland, voters decided that prescription heroin would be good for addicts.
  • Canadian groups are filing a complaint against Nestle, which is running ads stating that bottled water is “the most environmentally responsible consumer product in the world.” We think the company’s position is that you should stop saving up to buy that hybrid car, and just spend all the money on bottles of water instead.