Also in today’s links: frivolous inventions, life-saving inventions, getting organized.

  • Give nasty wine an electric shock, and suddenly it becomes drinkable. The best part? Pulling one over on your wine-snob friends.
  • Dubai just gets trippier and trippier: the man-made island, the indoor skiing, the whole idea of the city of the future in conservative U.A.E. Now, a hotel/condo complex has hired a company to make the sand cool enough to lie on.
  • In other “something out of nothing (or so it seems)” news, the Defense Department’s research department is working on a machine that would manufacture blood, right on the front lines of war.
  • Say you’re serious enough about science that you read a whole lot more than a daily digest of interesting stories and items on the Web. You may like to make use of new tools for organizing your research.