Photo of a Periodic Table. iStockPhoto

PopSci’s resident mad scientist and pre-eminent element guru Theo Gray has not only amassed one of the best element-sample collections around, he’s spent the last several years taking very high quality photographs of it.

First, he turned the shots into stunning posters of various sizes; now he’s created 3-D puzzles, index cards, and a custom banner-printing service, where you can spell out your name in element symbols, like this PopSci banner that’s going up in my cube soon.

The card decks are also really clever: As you spread them out like a Vegas dealer, you get a graphical representation of the elements’ melting points, boiling points, densities, and electron configurations. All of these products are so beautifully done that even the non-geeks on your list will dig them.

UPDATE: Theo’s giving freebies to readers: “I’ve added a ‘Where did you hear about my products?’ comment field to the PayPal order page (it comes near the end of the ordering process). If anyone puts in, I’ll send them a free extra product. If they order any size of poster, I’ll include an extra 18×36 poster. If they order something non-rolled (like place mats, 3D lenticular print, card deck, or puzzle), I’ll send something else that’s not rolled. (Sending both a rolled and non-rolled item costs much more than sending two of the same type.)