Or, in some cases, how deep we’ll go.

Also in today’s links: eating fish (or not), eating shark (or not), and more.

  • It is scary how often the attachment to one’s cell phone overrides the otherwise overwhelming fear of feces.
  • Go outside and take a look at the moon tonight — it’ll appear fuller and brighter than it has all year.
  • You remember when Restless Leg Syndrome was all over the news? Did you ever watch the twitching limbs and think, “what a waste of energy”? A Japanese company saw it as a waste of a way to boost brain power, or so they say.
  • The Food and Drug Administration now says that the health benefits of eating omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients in fish outweigh the health risks of eating mercury-contaminated fish. The Environmental Protection Agency is alarmed, while pregnant women everywhere are really confused.
  • Pursuit of the delicacy shark fins — described as flavorless, but chewy — has transformed the ocean’s ecosystem. I’m not sure which is more gruesome — the picture of the guy squatting in a tank full of sharkless fins, or the image of fishermen catching sharks, sawing off their fins and then dumping them back in the water.