bee and flower
Bees know their own smarts. aussiegall (CC Licensed)

Plus, another population has success reproducing the old-fashioned way.

  • Somehow, researchers got it into their heads to study the effect of cocaine on bees. Does this study tell you more about the bees, or about the humans? (Although, granted, the findings about how the drug affects communication are pretty neat.)
  • And given how much of a distraction buzzing bees already are to hungry caterpillars (to the relief of the plants the caterpillars want to eat), just think how annoying the coked-up bees would be!
  • The joys of squid sex include burrowing sperm bundles, swapping genders and fertilization via wounds inflicted by males.
  • Can’t get enough of [squid spermatophores?]( channellink) Here are pictures showing what they look like and, uh, how they burrow into a carcass. As the author says, “It’s gay necrophiliac bestiality!”
  • And it’s a Christmas miracle! Four endangered rhino babies were found in Indonesia, increasing the world population by about 8 percent.